~ Metro Events & Underground Parties ~

 From Gala Events to Private Parties, the Metro hosts a variety of functions throughout the year.
 All are lavish affairs offering top DJ’s, great entertainment, & premium bar service. Held at
 some of the area's best venues, we always draw a high energy crowd & roll well into the
 morning hours.

 Please Note: all our gatherings bring together various cultures of the overall scene. So please
 come with an open mind, a desire for fun, & conduct yourself in a respectful manner to all
 who are present.

Metro Events vs. Underground Parties => The Metro Underground hosts some of the region's most anticipated & respected events. These are full scale balls & include the nationally recognized DC Fetish Ball, DC eXotica, & Metro Spring Formal (offering themed events such as The Victorian Ball in April or May). We call this aspect of our endeavor "Metro Events." Anything planned will be posted here as well as on Facebook, our Facebook Group, Fetlife, & Twitter.

To round out the calendar, we also host "Underground Parties." These are focused more as exclusive invite-only play parties which carry a fully explicit nature. By design they are presented as a swinger / kink crossover.  Please contact Richard A.D. for info on vetting & invite.

In either case, we love bringing people together to create a bit of magic. So we hope you'll join us!


Richard A.D. & The Metro Underground Present:  

~ The Steampunk Apocalypse ~

I want to thank EVERYONE who shrugged off the heat & humidity to make it out for The Steampunk Apocalypse. The crowd was amazing, the energy was high, & the costumes were absolutely incredible!

Most of all, I want to thank my incredible team who brought the magic for another great event. Plus HUGE thanks to Jeremie of Stanton & Greene for all his effort. It was awesome to host such a fantastic night, & I’m forever honored by the talent, tenacity, & sheer dedication of all those involved.

With so much going on, we don't host anything official over the summer. But please join us in October as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the DC Fetish Ball: "X"

Welcome to Underground Parties...

Ten years ago I launched this crazy idea & went live with The Metro Underground. Soon after came groups for Facebook & Fetlife, Metro Events, The DC Fetish Ball, Underground Parties, & all the rest. It’s been one hell of a journey & we’ve come a long way. So to commemorate our Tenth Anniversary ("X"), Underground Parties hosted "X-Rated!" on April 1st.

I want to thank everyone who made it out. It was an amazing night & our biggest party to date. We look forward to hosting our next U-Party sometime in late May or early June.

The Metro Underground is known for some of the region's most anticipated affairs. Underground Parties began last year to offer a new dimension to our more full scale events. These are On-Premise sex-positive, kink & swinger friendly, dance worthy, full blown private affairs where anything goes & it usually does. So please join us as we celebrate a night worthy of our reputation!

Offering: Pole Dancing by top performers, Sybian, Fire Play, Massage, Violet Wand, St. Andrews Cross, Spanking Bench, Hitachi, & some of the hottest people the scene has to offer.  A Full Buffet will be provided. We also offer select specialty drinks & mixers, but the bar is otherwise BYOB.

Sorry, we can't show you much for these!  You'll just have to see for yourself...

HUGE Changes Are Coming => Due to required upgrades, we're currently in the process of rebuilding our entire site. So please bear with us, we're currently working to complete a full overhaul of the structure, design, & all core elements as soon as possible. Aside from a new look & layout, we'll also be more mobile friendly & aligned to tech-platforms across the spectrum.  Thank you for your patience.

Past Events (Pics, Links, Notes, etc): 

The DC Fetish Ball (DCFetishBall.com): DC's Most Scandalous Affair!  

I want to thank EVERYONE who made it out to this year's edition of The DC Fetish Ball. What an AMAZING crowd & incredible Night!! I honestly think this was our best event to date.  Perhaps most of all, I'd like to thank my amazing team that comes together year after year to create a bit of magic for the DC Scene. I may be the brains & brawn who pulls it together, but you are truly the heart & soul that brings it to life. I can not thank you enough.

For Talent, Links, Models, & More => See: DCFetishBall.com.

For future updates be sure to join the The Metro Underground Group on Facebook => Facebook.com/groups.

Top Pics for 2014 can be found here: 

Top Pics for 2013 can be found here:

Top Pics for 2012 can be found here...

Pics for "CIRQUE" => The 2011 Edition of the DC Fetish Ball can be found at the following...

DC eXotica: The Next Big Thing!

I want to thank everyone who made it out to DC eXotica. What an incredible night! The energy was amazing, the crowd was fantastic, & a sense of passion seemed to flow through every corner. If you missed it, well, you missed it.

I also want to thank my team for bringing the magic. I am forever humbled by the amazing talent, dedication, work, & effort given by all those involved. Words are not enough to express my deep gratitude for those who come together year after year to provide such an event. I may be the mad mind & heavy shoulders who puts it together, but you are the people who truly make it happen. Without you I'm just a guy on a stage. From the depth of my heart, I thank you.

Pics & Galleries are Coming Soon!

The Metro Spring Formal: 

~ A I Y O K U (2016) ~

I want to thank everyone who made it out to this year's Spring Formal. It was a great night & everyone had an awesome time. I also want to thank those who helped give us a shout out (we were having problems w/ Facebook censorship due to the nature of the event). Yet another great event for the scene & those involved. Year after year, we thank you for your continued support!

Featured Entertainment: Non-traditional Kubuki Fusion Dance by Falllyn Cahira & Ya Meena of Dalgali.
   Additional Fire Performances by Richard A.D, Cosmo, Rosalie, Kyle, & others TBA.

Featured DJ's: Cosmo (Risque, Big Dub, Dreamscape), Adam Geiger (DC Fetish Ball, Crucible, & more).

Shibari / Rope Bondage: We're bringing together some of the best talent the Mid-Atlantic has to offer. Featuring DC Rope w/ special guests Mystic Scholar, Confidence Inspired, & others soon to be announced. Trondage (Fiber Optic Bondage) by Gus Troll.

Play Space provided by The MetroSamurai Edge Play by Sir AngeloViolet Wand / Electric Play by Dark Electric.
Full Body Massage by JadeVac Cube by SlyxFire Play (weather permitting) by Ed Ninja.

The Geisha Lounge: In true Metro style, we offer the back room for an added element of play & absolute possibility.
With Sybian & Toy Play by House of Rain.

Featuring: Tea Infused Body Shots & Naked Sushi!    Mistress Mayhem & More TBA.

Pics Coming Soon!


~ The Victorian Fetish Ball (2015) ~

All I can say is, WOW!  I want to thank EVERYONE who braved some truly horrible weather to make it out. In spite of tropical storm "Bill go screw yourself" we still had a full club & an awesome night. I was absolutely amazed at the turn out. And DAMN, there were some Beautiful, Cool, & Free-Spirited Fun People! I love you guys. I'm honored to bring so many a memorable moment.

Hosted at Club Aqua (1818 New York Ave, NE DC): Offering a beautiful venue with very scene friendly atmosphere, the night will feature top DJ's, dancing, featured entertainment & a play-positive environment w/ featured demos & the usual "Metro Enticements."

Featured Entertainment:  Fusion Belly Dance by Vesper Holly & Sally Cinch of DalgaliFeatured DJ's: Mighty Mike Saga (Vortex, Stimulate, & more) & Adam Geiger (Risque, DC Fetish Ball, B&W Ball & more) w/ DJ Cosmo (Risque, Big Dub, Dreamscape).   GoGo: by Cosmos Crew Entertainment.

In the Back Room: Dr. Swifts Cure for Female Hysteria (please find further details here).  Indeed, after tea was served & the parlor doors closed those Victorian's were some kinky bastards! So in true Metro style, we bring some of the area's best talent & a great play space for an added element of endless possibility & erotic delight…

Play Space by The Crucible.  Hosted by DC TNGSybian by Club TabuShibari by DC Rope.   Edge Play by Chuck Thorson.   Violet Wand by ArielSpecial Guest: Mistress Tyler.   Body Shots w/ Natasha.   Exotic Pole Dancing by DC Hellfire.

Photos Coming Soon!


~ PROHIBITION (2013) ~

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition, The Metro Spring Formal held a special Prohibition Speakeasy. And Good God, what an incredible night! PROHIBITION ROCKED!!! The event was a monumental success, the feedback was great, & driving off this success we'll continue our spring tradition. Thank you for such an awesome night. 

Featured Entertainment:  Burlesque by Cherokee Rose.   Swing Dance by Robert Lagaspi.   Music by DJ Cosmo (EBM/Synthpop) & Adam Geiger (EBM/Synthpop).  GoGo by the Cosmos Dolls (No Affiliation to DJ Cosmo). Play Space Hostess:  Mistress Mei. Violet Wand by Dark Electric.    Edge Play by Sir Angelo.

See Fetlife or Facebook for Full Galleries.

Underground Parties: 

Metro Events vs. Underground Parties => The Metro Underground hosts some of the area's most anticipated & respected events for the entire region. These are full scale balls & include the nationally recognized DC Fetish Ball, Black & White Ball, & Metro Spring Formal. We call this arm of our overall endeavor "Metro Events."  Beginning in 2016, to round out the calendar & include a new dimension to such efforts we've now added "Underground Parties" - these are focused as more exclusive guest-list only play parties hosted at select locations around the area. Contact Richard A.D. for vetting info.

St. Patrick’s Night of Mayhem (March 2016):  I wanted to thank everyone who made it out for the Return of the Snakes! As our second Underground Party, it was possibly one of the best smaller affairs we've ever hosted. In spite of Easter, we had an incredible crowd (w/ just over 120), a high level of play, incredible energy, & an amazing night w/ truly incredible people. 

Mardi Gras Masquerade (Feb. 2016):  I couldn't have been more pleased w/ the turnout. The crowd was gorgeous, the level of play was fantastic, & the sense of energy was incredible. I honestly feel we created a bit of magic for the night. 

No doubt, we're off to a great start & things will only continue to grow from here. I plan to experiment w/ different venues, themes, & elements for play. In the end, "Underground Parties" brings a new dimension to our overall endeavor & offers a greater to depth for what we create.  I'm honored to host such an incredible group & look forward to the months ahead.

What people are saying:
  • Wow! That might have been one of the best play parties I've ever been to. All hot, fun, cool people! What a great night, thank you! - RMerciless.

  • We had a great time and so much fun in the bedroom! Def hottest party we've ever attended. - DMVcpl.

  • For our first time we really didn't know what to expect. We couldn't have felt more comfortable and welcome. We had an amazing time with so many amazing & beautiful people!!! We definitely look forward to the next event. Big thanks to all those who helped make this night something to truly remember. - A&D.

  • Thank you for such an amazing top shelf event. We had an absolutely amazing time and look forward to future parties where we can share even more great times with all of you beautiful people! - Rilix and Rudari.

  • Last night was crazy! I'd never been to an event like last night but it was so much fun! And what an amazing crowd, it was so nice meeting everyone there. - Miranda.

  • We just want to complement you on the party last night! You hit a total home run! The ratios were great: singles to couples, & males to females all seemed perfect. We also spoke with a lot of first time single women who were pleasantly surprised about the friendliness, safety, and respect they felt. I hope you reach out to all the single women in your list and convey that message! Cudos to you my friend! We had a great time and met a lot of hot, beautiful, fun people. - Steve and Michelle.

  • I had a blast! What an amazing time! Great atmosphere and venue, when is the next one? - Brandon.

  • We just wanted to thank you for Mardi Gras! It was a cultural and visual feast. We had a wonderful time. That home is freaking amazing! We want to let you know how much we appreciate your unique hospitality. - Mike & Ellen.

  • What a wonderful, fun, sexy party! Thank you so much for putting this together! I look forward to the next one. - Kathleen

  • I'm sore, sticky, and sleepy. Hooray for such a fabulous evening! Hot people, a beautiful space, & sexy fun! - Rachel.
Pics are coming soon!

The Black & White Ball: 

Wow! All I can say is Holy Crap, what an awesome night! I want to thank everyone who made it out to the final installment for the Black & White Ball. Seriously, what a great send off, I couldn't have asked for a better time. The past few years have been a fun ride & I think last night was a fitting close to a grand era of decadence in the scene.

I also want to thank all those on my team who bring the magic again & again.
I love you guys! Please enjoy the coming holidays & we'll see you again soon..

Top Pics for 2015 - The 4th & Final Black & White Ball:Top Pics for 2014:Top Pics for 2013: 

Top Pics for 2012:


Pennsic w/ Die Fledermaus: 

Each summer you can generally find a group of us at Pennsic w/ Clan Die Fledermaus.

In short, Pennsic is basically a HUGE festival that carries an underlying theme of a medieval reenactment. On the surface this lies at its core, but there's actually a LOT more going on than meets the eye.  There are literally 2 events running side by side. Up top (literally up the hill), it's all about the reenactment. But down in the lowlands things take on a MUCH different flavor. Basically, if you were to hold Burning Man 600 years ago in the woods of Pennsylvania then you'd have something very close to the low lands of Pennsic. We host parties well into the morning hours & carry a deep slant toward fun debauchery to offer a vacation unlike any other.

Die Fledermaus - representing one of the oldest and most established camps for the entire festival, we tend to serve as the scene camp for those into the alternative & adult sub-culture. With a long tradition of fun filled debauchery & endless possibility, we are indeed a camp worthy of it's reputation. Visit us online for more:  DieFledermaus.org.  

In coordination w/ Richard A.D, The Metro Underground, & Clan Die Fledermaus we also co-host a few well recognized parties...

  • Mardi Gras (Mon. War Week): Representing one of the largest and most recognized parties for all of Pennsic, oddly enough it's also known as an affair of grand debauchery!  Presented as an E28 Block Party, Die Fledermaus & Timberwolf are both open to the public. However, contributing camps include Die Fledermaus, Timberwolf, Kindermaus, ShadowWolf, Order of the Cask, Mondegreen, Manx Hall, & Vagabond. ID's are checked at the door. The event offers a large drum circle, dancers, fire performers, open bar, food, beads, & revelry not to be missed.
  • Naked Spaghetti (Sat. Middle Weekend): Oddly, it's just what it sounds like - an all nude dinner party serving up some great pasta, an open bar, and good conversation in a comfortable setting. Yep, it's kinda like that… ;-) 
  • Did we mention the Torture Garden Play Space? 
Nudity in camp for both parties is both permitted & encouraged. We'll hope to see you there!

Top Pics can be found here: 


The Naughty & Nice Capricorn Bash (2014): 

Wow, what an incredible night! The overwhelming sense of friendship, generosity, & love was just simply amazing. I can't thank you guys enough.  I want to thank everyone involved w/ creating such a beautiful moment, as well as everyone who made it out to share in the occasion. I love you guys.  And thank you ALL for such a great year!

Top Pics Posted:

Krampusnaght (Krampuslauf DC):

We're all familiar w/ the story of Santa Claus. But according to ancient lore, St. Nicholas actually had several attendants, one of which was the horned satyr Krampus. Whereas St. Nick would reward good little girls & boys, Krampus would punish the bad kids. For 'truly' bad children, he'd even carry them off to later be devoured as his X-mas dinner!

Kampsuslauf takes place on Dec 5th (day before St. Nicholas Day). Celebratory revelers parade through the night, carousing their way through the streets & warn attendant children to be nice. In a city known for its cultural diversity & multinational intrigue, we're proud to host the Annual Kampuslauf on H Street. With a schedule of events that run throughout the evening, Kampusnacht offers a little something for everyone - perfect for families & revelers alike!

- For a more detailed history see Wikipedia
- For an idea as to the Krampuslauf Tradition see Youtube.

Please join our Facebook Event Page for information on ideas, tutorials, pics, tips, & more.

All efforts go to benefit 'Santa Cause DC' (Facebook.com/SantasCauseDC): a special project for "Family Matters of Washington, DC" - striving to enhance the lives of foster children throughout the DC area, they provide a program for personalized gifts both during the December holidays (delivered by Santa himself) as well as on birthdays. In addition, they provide needed supplies for the entire school year.

Co-hosted by Mavi Clay, Richard A.D. & Friends
Please note this was a personal collaboration & NOT a Metro Underground Event.

Top Pics can be found here: 

MIB 4 SMB: The Men in Black Social (Pre-Party Happy Hour & After-Party) - In 2011, Bound hosted their 15th Annual Summer Masquerade Ball - SMB XV: “Cosmos” (a sci-fi theme & definitely a Top Ten for the annual calendar). With an affair of such galactic proportion we expected a huge presence of alien activity. Of course, the Men in Black were needed to monitor this situation...

To honor such a benchmark, & as an official co-sponsor to this year’s ball, Richard A.D. & The Metro Underground put together a Special VIP Social for our dearest friends, supporters, & brothers in arms. Planned as a smaller affair than our usual blow-out, this was actually 2 separate parties based around the main event of SMB. We basically gathered our forces, powered up with a bite, primed the pump with a few drinks, & had some pre-party fun until we hit a full assault on SMB for some universal mayhem! 

It was an incredible night & we thank all those who made it out!   Pics can be found here: Fetlife.com/users/113886/pictures.


Mid-Winter's Night - A Raving Success:  In honor of our fallen friend Dirk Smiler, we reignited the sacred fires to gather good friends old & new for an event that lasted well past dawn. Held at Sanguine Fields under a Rave-style format, the drinks flowed, the music rocked, & the fire raged all night long. Everyone was there & it was a fantastic event not to be forgotten. We thank all those who made it out, all those who made it happen, & our co-hosts for putting together such a fantastic event. We're proud to have played such an important part in what turned out to be an incredible evening.   Pics by Joseph M...

St. Patrick's Night of Mayhem: The Return of the Snakes - Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of The Metro Underground, our 2010 affair hosted a special crowd of friends & supporters. Full Pics can be found on Fetlife.


June 20th-25th - Dark Odyssey presents Fusion (www.darkodyssey.com): Driving off the previous year's success, D.O. returned w/ one of the area's best adult camp festivals. The Metro Underground was pleased to hosting Friday’s Late Party.

 Fusion Friday - 12:30am in the Main Pavilion (on the path between the Pool & Tribal Arts): Richard A.D.
 & The Metro Underground held
“EROS: Sex on Fire.”  Our own DJ Cosmo kept the energy high
 while exotic dancers, fire performers, sex on tap, & a fully equipped dungeon carried us well into the night. A
 light-bite buffet, full service bar, & chance to win 4 tickets to the DC Fetish Ball were also provided.
 We hope you joined us for a chance to mix, mingle, & kick off the weekend in high style. Offering a night of
 passion, possibility, & pure EROS, this was a party not to miss!   

FetFest Sunday - "Dusk 'Til Dawn" Poolside (FetFest.com):  Offering a 3-day festival for the adult communities, it was a lavish retreat of incredible expanse. We'd like to thank the organizers for such a fantastic job & are honored to have been a participant in such an affair.

Hosting one of Sunday's main parties, The Metro Underground presented a pool-side extravaganza that offered a great element to the overall mix. Welcome to the Titty Twister, a Fetfest favorite from which no one returns! A premium open bar w/ lite 'bite' buffet served as a backdrop as we transformed the pool into an atmosphere of elegance & decadent possibility. The incredible talent of our amazing performers then carried the night. From all corners of the scene, we offered everything from snake dancers to burlesque, to an amazing fire show by 'Artists w/ Pride.' 

Behind the decks, DJ's Cosmo & Adam offered true talent keeping the energy high & the crowd engaged as the dance floor rocked throughout the night. Perhaps most of all, I can not offer enough thanks to my brother in arms, Kaelynn. Without his support & assistance such an event would be an impossibility.

Due to the policies of Fetfest there are no pics for this party.

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